Tell Me Why I Don't Like Mondays or “Gnothi seauton”

How is Monday for you? It's raining - it feels cold for this time of year. The sky is dull. The day is overcast. Some of us find every Monday, whatever the weather, a dull dull day. To semi-quote an Alison Moyet song (yes, it is an 80's tune). 

What can I do to make light of this dull, dull day? What switch can I pull to illuminate the way?
— Love Resurrection, Alison Moyet

I read an article about Humanity and it made me think. Studies and statistics are not the average tool we reach for to raise the spirits but I found this grouping of outcomes refreshing, illuminating even! Here are the nicely uneven '11' formulated results from the various studies:

  1. You Bounce Back From Tougher Times

  2. Regret Is Not That Scary

  3. "What Does Not Kill You Will Make You Stronger" is often True

  4. Reverse PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) Exists: Sometimes Terrible Events Makes Us Better People

  5. Rarely In Life Are You Limited By Your Genes

  6. You Don't Need To Win The Lottery To Be Happy

  7. Helping Others Helps You

  8. "Both Hope And Despair Are Self-fulfilling Prophecies"

  9. Trusting Too Much Is Better Than Trusting Too Little

  10. Sometimes, Empathy Beats Objectivity

  11. The Most Powerful Goals Aren't About Being Perfect; They're About Getting Better

To see how they came to collate this list read the Times article. Or just enjoy the sense of freedom such statements offer to the very Human side of who you are. /Erich

P.s. Gnothi seauton ... it’s Greek. This is the most famous maxim from the Oracle at Delphi in ancient Greece: “Know Thyself.”