We have moved - a few metres down the road!

Hello Wexford Street

Erich Keller Counselling Wexford Street

With the change that autumnal winds stir so must we all embrace change, and no better way to embrace change than to celebrate what is new or challenging, different or known, familiar or comfortable, taking a chance or a leap of fate!

And so, as my time at The Restore Clinic on Camden Street comes to a close, on the cusp of a decade of work within its walls, I announce that from mid October 2019 the Erich Keller Counselling (Dublin City Centre Practice) will relocate to The Yellow Door on Wexford Street in Dublin 2.

Geographically speaking it is hardly worth the announcement! as my new practice is only minutes and only metres from The Restore Clinic on Camden Street. In fact it took me just 3 minutes to walk door to door last Monday. Not much exercise for me and I hope not too much of a stretch for the people currently attending.

Erich Keller Counselling @ The Yellow Door,

37 Wexford Street,

Dublin D02 F652

Erich Keller Counselling Wexford Street

The Wexford Street Therapy Centre is located at the bottom end of Wexford Street, where the crossroads of Kevin Street, Aungier Street and Wexford Street meet.

Think Local

Think Bunsen Burger, The Landmark pub on the corner which has gone through a number of name changes in the last twenty years and is mostly associated with Kevin Street DIT college as a local for the newly of-age students, the old Raliegh bicycle shop that is now a Spar shop, and opposite our yellow door you will see Burritos & Blues, the long-standing Megabikes Ltd with its range of motorbikes set up on the corner of the path, the comfort zone of Cafe Sofia another corner stone of the area, the more recent Against The Grain IPA bar with the table outside for late afternoon enjoyment in the last of the sunshine, Evergreen - that fruit and vegetable shop that was once known for the fancy fair you could buy especially at Christmas like rainbow carrots and ‘wet’ garlic. Walk a little north and the infamy of the Wexford Inn with its Whelan’s nightclub, Irish and local bar will evoke the memory of gigs, concerts and nostalgia. For meatlovers BóBó’s Burgers with the cowhide stools and the meat patty stacks, in a friendly stand-off with Eddie Rockets on the opposite side. The area is full of local life, business and pleasure, amenities for the residents, tourists, nightlife and daytime gatherers alike.

Think Quiet, Private, Confidential

Erich Keller Counselling @ The Yellow Door in The Wexford Street Therapy Centre opens into a quiet oasis from the life of the area. We are located on the upper floors of number 37 Wexford Street, away from the cacophony of life happening below us. The rooms are newly renovated and decorated to facilitate a quiet, private and confidential space; suitable for counselling and psychotherapy as well as the complementary therapies also available in the therapy centre.

About this location

The Wexford Street Therapy Centre’s aim and objective is to facilitate and promote healing and wellness by providing a quality range of Counselling and Complementary Therapies. 

The Wexford Street Therapy Centre was established in 2019 by Shelly Flanagan, accredited Counsellor and Psychotherapist, as a holistic centre, providing Counselling and Complementary Therapies.

The centre does not have a waiting room so please arrive on time. Toilet facilities are available.

More to come…

I will have more information soon on The Wexford Street Therapy Centre with location photos and blog posts. For now, if you have any questions, or if you need any assistance finding us please contact me directly on 086 - 120 6151. For all enquiries and information on appointments please click the Contact button and I will respond to you promptly. Kind regards, Erich

*Please note that Erich Keller Counselling Windy Arbour, Dundrum is not affected and will continue to operate as normal.