Men & Fathers Counselling

Men and Fathers Counselling is currently available at Erich Keller Counselling. 

Call: 086 - 120 6151

Dundrum & Camden Street

Men and Fathers Group Therapy 

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Weekly meetings for 8 weeks.

2 hours duration.

Limited places - register your interest using the registration form.

For men and fathers who are experiencing difficulties and challenges; depression, parenting, divorce, isolation, separation, finances, shared custody, fatherhood, anxiety, intimacy & sex. 

Supportive, shared experience, confidential, non-judgemental.

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In partnership with Amen - providing a confidential helpline & support to men who experience: 

Domestic Abuse / Domestic Violence / Intimate partner abuse

Congratulations to Amen

Amen, who offer support and advice to men who experience domestic violence and abuse won The People Of The Year Award 2016 under the category 'Community Group Of The Year 2016' for their invaluable work in this area for all men across the nation. Well done to all!

The People Of The Year Awards

Congratulations to everyone who works tirelessly for this nationwide service. Providing support and advice for men who experience domestic violence and abuse. Category winner:

Community Group Of The Year 2016

Amen Helpline (046) 9023718

Amen Email:

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