Depression Is A Lie

In that moment, it seems as if it’s the only way out

- I am so glad I did not kill myself
— Danny Baker

I recently found Danny Baker through internet browsing. I've read a couple of articles and excerpts from a book he has written about his experience and survival of chronic depressive episodes. Or more simply put - depression. The article linked below and featured in the Huffington struck me because Danny cuts right to the point when he says that "depression is a liar".

This phrase stuck with me for the day. I thought about just how right I think he is. Many people describe the weight of depression as being utterly convincing. It is so convincing that the idea of being any other way feels so far out of reach and removed from the present state of mind that a deep hopelessness and giving-in to it seems like the way only to cope. Part of that last resort coping is the contemplation of suicide. It makes sense right? That if it is so bad, if it feels so entrenched into your heart, soul and mind - that the only escape is suicide. And that is the absolute lie of depression. The cruelest lie.

Depression is a maestro at suffocated your hope, but countless people have proved that Depression is a liar. Recovery IS possible - even if you can’t always see it.
— Danny Baker

If you read the excerpt from his book you will see that on this occasion it was the random comment of an acquaintance which sparked a seed of action in Danny. A small comment caused him to look in the mirror and see himself, to see the pain written all over the contours of his face. Seeing himself made him think about himself. On this occasion it may be what made Danny start to smash through the lie of that depressive episode.

For those feeling like Danny right now, there is change, there is another way, it will pass. If you need help now there are many organisations who will help you through this. There are contact numbers  here 

If you know someone like Danny, talk. Get them to talk. There are organisations that will help you to help your friend, work colleague, your partner, family member - who ever it is. See here for more info. Don't assume somebody else will step in, and as you can see from this article, all it took was a passing comment (an honest reaction in a passing comment) to trigger Danny into seeing himself as he was, in that moment. Counselling and psychotherapy are the next step to helping and supporting anyone who experiences depression. Active intervention - Talking - is the first. /Erich