I had a black dog, his name was depression

Written, Illustrated and narrated by Matthew Johnstone

Depression is an illness that very cleverly wraps its way into a person's everyday life. In the case of Matthew Johnstone, he portrays the experience of his depression as the companionship and relationship he has with his dog. We think of dogs and pets as an extension of ourselves or our family - we care for them, feed and walk them, we buy health insurance and give shelter to protect them. Imagine how much we give (often unwittingly) to something as cunning as Depression.

Many people live with the varying difficulties, cycles and challenges depression can impose. Some manage and cope and some find themselves in crisis from time to time. Managing, coping and moving away from depression usually takes self-reliance and a deep understanding of how you work - what makes you tick, the vulnerable or strong, triggered or supported. Counselling and psychotherapy will help you find the clarity and skills to change your relationship with the depression that only you know. /Erich