"Spring can really hang you up the most"

Can Spring really hang you up the most?..

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“…Spring this year has got me feeling

Like a horse that never left the post,

I lie in my room staring at the ceiling

Spring can really hang you up the most…”

Some people react to a sunny day in spring as a chance to wear a lighter coat, to revisit bright colours and to look forward to warm summer days.  They can feel more alive, energised, uplifted and in harmony with their thoughts and feelings.  A sunny day in spring for some people can feel like a time for energy.  A time for change. 

Some people also find that a sunny day in spring makes them think about how long winter has been; that the weight of winter is still present. They feel that nothing has changed and nothing will change. 

Some people feel isolated and stuck as they notice how everything seems to be moving on. Change is everywhere. Buds are blossoming, people are out jogging and everything seems to have a new energy and positivity.  For some people all this change is highlighting just how stuck and unmoving their thoughts, feelings and their repetitive behaviours continue to be. 

Some people may notice on a sunny day in spring that they may need a little help getting to that place where they can enjoy a lighter step, and a lighter sense of self. 

Some people find that help by talking to a counsellor.

“…Spring came along, a season of song, full of sweet promise but something went wrong…”

Talking to a counsellor can help you discover your inner spring  - the inner resource you have to make things happen. 

Talking to a counsellor can help you discover that you can be in control of your feelings, that you can change your thinking, and that you can master new and more positive behaviours. 

Talking to a professional counsellor or psychotherapist can help you find your lighter step as you are supported, encouraged and understood. 

Talking to a counsellor can help you move forward as you express and explore your thoughts and feelings about anything that is personal to you, in a safe and confidential environment.

If you find yourself noticing a need for change this spring and you find yourself wanting to experience personal change, on a range of matters, then talking to a counsellor is a positive and effective step in the right direction.


Erich Keller BSc, G.Dip.                      

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