Men's Sheds Encourage Friendship & Productivity - #MensHealthWeek 2018

Men's Sheds Encourage Friendship & Productivity - and lots lots more

The bond between men and their sheds is well-known but they usually work alone when they disappear into sheds. Now a growing movement is encouraging men with time on their hands to join the community of “Men’s Sheds” to work on a range of projects while enjoying the friendship of other men
— Alison Healy, The Irish Times

The Irish Men's Sheds Association supports the development and sustainability of Men's Sheds in Ireland.

As the Men's Sheds phenomenon grows momentum worldwide and the needs and challenges men and fathers face become more talked about, visible, and understood, it is reassuring to come across an article like this one which was featured in The Irish Times. It reminds us about the individual experience of men, in their locale, and how the fellowship, camaraderie and support of these local initiatives play an important role in the well-being and inclusion of men in the community - local or worldwide. Men and fathers count. /Erich Read the full article here.