Breathe Breathe


Click on the video below, take a minute to witness the simplicity and the complexity of something we do. Usually without a thought or noticing.

From birth to our last living moment. Sometimes the most simple of things are in fact the most complex. I've heard that saying many times. As I witnessed this video I felt drawn to notice my own breathing, my own breath. Uniqulely my own yet infinitely universal and connected to everything around me. Is this mindfulness? Is this looking after my well-being? Is this intimacy in the absolute? I invite you...challenge you to breathe. And to really feel it. /Erich

Breath. A Collection Film.

A film about the invisible life-force. Made by The Mercadantes | Directed by Daniel Mercadante | Executive Producer: Katina Mercadante | Producer: Jed Hubbard | Associate Producer: Jordan Shively | Music by Keith Kenniff | DP/Editor: Daniel Mercadante | Poster Art by Craig Deakes